Friday, July 1, 2011

Zane & Natalie

We had some friends out to the Ski Lodge today to play!

We went swimming in the pool, skiing, & swimming in the lake. This was Zane's first time on a boat. To put it mildly, he LOVED it! He asked Wills (the driver) about 1000 questions and kept wanting to try. Next time!
From 2011-07-01

Caroline skiied until she could no longer, and then Melanie gave it a whirl!
Her face is too funny!
From 2011-07-01

Natalie was hesitant to get in the lake, but had fun!
From 2011-07-01

One more story. There was a little boy on the playground saying "bad words" (think potty words). Caroline and Zane kept trying to ignore him and go on, but he was really trying to get their attention with his potty mouth. Caroline had it. She put him in a headlock and took him to the ground. I know, I know, this is bad, but it was SO funny! I would have disciplined her had I seen it. Brandy told me what happened while I was in the bathroom. I knew she was tough! LOL!

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